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the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing

from No Fear Of Time by Black Star



Cocaine cracked devil honkytonk
Trailer park trash can trap house
Off top all black everything
Tmt fuck white supremacy

Mental illness
Bring the noise break the gentle stillness
The trap door an insidious cat call
Your equivalency is false no need for the back and forth
The belief you superior to the darker races
Just means you inferior and live in darker places
Gods amazing we artists this ain’t a product placement huh
Love is a spiritual technology
I give it up to god when they clap for me
I love to give credit where the credit due
It’s beautiful as the struggle faced by the destitute
We celebrate diversity with carnivals and festivals

Too big to fail,
I grab the bull by the horns and wag the dog by the tail
The OG’s is in jail and the millennials for sale
Am I dreaming or do our demons have tentacles and scales huh

5 White supremacy automatically gone against us huh
Your third eye is the point of entry huh
Automatic like a reply
From a hipster Automatic as the pointer sisters Huh
Try to conquer us with the pestilence huh
That’s as common as black excellence huh
They rewarded for mediocrity huh
I ain’t begging for my equality no

Automatic causing static
This a trust exercise Like falling backwards
Gotta trust we your guys and we gonna catch ya
I see the lust in your eyes for the rapture yup

Kweli - pass that pass that pass that pass that

Yasiin - Automatic, automatic, automatic,
Automatic, automatic automatic automatic
Huh automatic as an automatic ha
or automatic as a meditation ha
Automatic as a Trail of Tears ha
alright this way triumph feel huh (?)
The road so dark be the light ha
Said the light onto the dark road ha
The light is not afraid that part ha
Gang gang variation theme team ha
The local dream time always ha
The address on spectrum road aha
From the rivers of the true and real ha
(it's a trap I'm sure of it)
Sin sober sensation ah ha (?)
Sweating on a hot template ha
Tiny cell panaroma huh
Silencer of the clarion call huh
Wave forms and bird songs ah ha
Recognition is invitation ha (?)
Grace a gift you shouldn't earn ha (?)
Thanks again report to work huh
Not for free freedom huh
How you mean, ask yourself huh
Look to everything that you desire
Look at the condition that it's put you in ha
Do the honest math, pass the figures ha
Pass the fixers friendly neighbor ha (?)
Freshest labor, Mary's native huh (?)
Local time all ages
Forever is a current event (the future)
Life on this side is quick quick
(Im talking about now now)
Trade trick, sorcerer, insecure, synonym
Frankenstein trying to get it strange ha (?)
Ain't the source matter strange enough? Ha
I heard Dilla say turn it up! Ha
I heard him twice when he said it first
And that's automatic automatic automatic
Automatic Automatic
Everything is not for sale, everybody pays the price

Yasiin and Talib - Cocaine cracker devil honkytonk
Trailer park trash can trap house
Off top all black everything
TMT f**k white supremacy
TMT TMT TMT TMT TMT what's white supremacy


from No Fear Of Time, released June 20, 2023
4. the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing (yasiin bey, Talib Kweli Greene, Otis Jackson, Jr.) Produced by Madlib. Recorded and mixed by Federico “c sik” Lopez. Umbumnandi Chicken Music, LLC (BMI) administered by Supreme Songs Limited, Pen Skills Music (BMI) Songs of Windswept Pacific (BMI) all rights administered by BMG Rights Management (US) LLC, Loop Digga Publishing (BMI) administered by Sony/ATV Songs LLC.


all rights reserved



Black Star Brooklyn, New York

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