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So be it

from No Fear Of Time by Black Star



[Intro: Yasiin Bey]
Yasiin, Yasiin, Yasiin

[Verse 1: Yasiin Bey]
Sharper than a straight razor shave
Cooler than the steel, I put the blade to a point
It's worldwide currency, they wishing well coins
It's high fidelity, bang, they speaker leak noise
And not at Chuck D level, y'all at petite level
Have gun do travel spread love beat devils
Walk soft and carry the cro magnum
Science club will smash them to soft brainy fragments?
Breathe fire, spit smoke, blow away ashes
Smarten up, dumbass, this ain't bum class
Atmosphere above that, you can't touch that
Rеal, forever real, thеy could hate it or love that
It's bigger than hip-hop, hypes, and wicked government
Brooklyn award-winning, and not-give-a-f*ckingest?
You in it for the most sucker-ish, dummiest
No getting love in this, some real riders up in this beyotch
Dudes more bitch than bitch Reeboks
They arms can't box the Bey seven three ahks?
These dudes dope and this detox
Turkey wing clean up your act, you wack like crack, ha
I been a lot and I will never be that
I got the right and exact and a trap for the rats
The liars and the saps, the posers and the hacks
Land mine, mainline, your spine goes snap, Bey
Vanglorious, phantasmagoria
Crack-panned all y'all? each and every all of you
Whoever you can call, then you better start calling 'em
Then call the coroner, white drapes for all of you's
Greatest ain't greater than, strongest ain't strong enough
Biggest ain't bigger than a real small portion of
The legendary trillatary top rank officer
Get lost, big boss, this boss is bossier
Chip on your shoulder, I'ma knock it right off you
Bey, torpedo, blast smash the ego
Sniper on the range, sniper bang 'nuff, reload
RPG to get free power people, brrap
One clip and they evil, done with
Talking like they want trouble and really want ****
They probably wanna trick like a skier on the strip
Get money in your midst snuff a b*tch? (Hey) kill a pimp
Loudmouth rhetoricals and ain't said *
You can talk 'til you die and you ain't said this
Unless you repeating the phrase of y'all beesiest?
Seventeen verse of the twenty-fifth Ezekiel
Lethal, let us pray 'fore they soldier these suckers

[Verse 2: Talib Kweli]
Aight, we back motherfucker
Yeah, January, February, marching with the people
'April, may I have a Black Star sequel?' said the black caucus
June, July, to black August
September to October you find me where Black Thought is
November when we come for that office
The black POTUS
The black lotus flower fall in December, go ask the weatherman
Colder than the winter wind, day after December 10
We celebrating Yasiin birthday
Brooklyn, New York City, that's the scene of my birthplace
I'm so on top of this bopping thru metropolitan frolicking with the populous topplin' all the charlatans
My songs acknowledge the heroes that need honoring
I promise we demolishing all Confederate monuments
I'm noticing how these Nazis become Congressmen
It's softer than some Moccasins and way faker than collagen
It doesn't matter if they scholars who got doctorates
Or hiding behind fake names like Tommy Robinson, I'm bombing 'em
Plus the sleeve is monogram if I die I'll come back and perform as a hologram
Can't tell if it's a boy or a girl, get a sonogram
My name is floating up and down the ave like dollar vans
Fam, my syrup is maple leaf
Eatin' falafel in Morocco Im packin' the straight hashish
In the pipe as I pass it I'm stabbing these fake emcees
So sharp I'm making 'em bleed, god half of them make believe
I come from a place of peace but they only respect the violence
You get arrested for domestic silence
Rappers is vampires, we the Lycans
Even the Vikings no match against attacks from the conquering lions
Bring it together like a hyphen, cuz liars testing my patience
Never stopping cuz my parents ain't never had a vacation
Relocating, looking at places along the ocean
Smoking trees under trees as shady as rap promoters, calamities
slash catastrophe, add an apostrophe, your whole philosophy is mediocrity
Atrocities committed in the name of owning property, monopolies
That's my hypotheses

Amin Amin Amin Amin Amin Amin Amin Amin Amin Amin Amin Amin Amin Amin Amin Amin Amin Amin


from No Fear Of Time, released June 20, 2023
1. So be it (yasiin bey, Talib Kweli Greene, Otis Jackson, Jr., Anandji Shah, Kalyanji Shah) Produced by Madlib. Recorded and mixed by Federico "c sik'' Lopez. Umbumnandi Chicken Music, LLC (BMI) administered by Supreme Songs Limited, Pen Skills Music (BMI) Songs of Windswept Pacific (BMI) all rights administered by BMG Rights Management (US) LLC, Loop Digga Publishing (BMI) administered by Sony/ATV Songs LLC, Saregama Music United States (BMI) administered by The Royalty Network, Inc. Samples a portion of “Theme From Don'' (Kalyanji Shah/Anadmji Shah) published by Saregama Music United States (BMI) administered by The Royalty Network, Inc. performed by Kalyandji Anandji courtesy of The Royalty Network, Inc used by permission.


all rights reserved



Black Star Brooklyn, New York

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