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from No Fear Of Time by Black Star



Let's go
Welcome to the Black Star
Joy and Pain, coin of the realm, both sides
Such powerful current could make tears touch the eyes
Grace and every morning God opened up mine aligned, Hamdulillah
We all on notice that any next moment could be the last time you stand on this side

Slow down son you're killing em but only the phony because the real don't die
On god
All good for all hoods and palaces
Poised throughout triumphs or challenges
Top rank duppy conqueror skank,
And the balance don't break for any large or small bank balances
The parable of the talented, each generation the wonders and the wealth of all nations is really chump change once you take into consideration
The living revelation that no soul could escape from
So go on let a sucka say something
Cuz even when they saying something they ain't saying much
I refrain from retorts and just pray for em
Stay away from em roll thru or rise rays on em
Bang! Shine like gamma Bey on em
Shalillah live from Bedford Stuyvesant the livest one the king said "uh"
And even when we die we will not stay dead and I said what I said so there it is
The light is not afraid of the dark at all
That part Black Star

I wanna thank you for helping me reach the understanding
That time is relative and the truth is everlasting
I wanna thank you for helping me reach the understanding
That time is relative cuz the truth is everlasting

thats on god
Black star embassy setting it on fire
Getting paid independent like cinema noveau
Logging these travels in my journal like Robinson Crusoe
Nom de plume no Daniel Defoe encyclopedia brittanica flow,
The gravity to pull a planet straight insanity that Buss open your canteloupe flow
We the lions where the antelope roam
Brooklyn botanical gardens had stick up artists with they hands in they coat
Give up to goods or they hand on your throats that’s all she wrote
But now we woke right I’m making it plain I talk to em
Dissecting all the doors of perception I walk thru them
They think I’m arguing I’m not talking to Em I talk thru em
Way too many garbage humans they raw sewage
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
We gon bash us some fascists and fuck them up
This the Parable of the talented powerful is the caliber
Birthday is a holiday mark it down on your calendars
YouTube they feeding us thru a catheter
Bout to holla at yasiin and move to Africa
Spectacular bars assassinate your character brooklyn got the best rappers per capita
No lies detected
You pull it out you better fire the weapon
measure influence by the lives affected, writing records getting high for breakfast
crash by lunch but I’ll survive the wreckage
By dinner time I was aligned cuz I received the message
Heeded the lesson cuz I needed a blessing
Gave up the glory, the liars and thieves made up a story
I Stood up for the people I ain’t wait til they came for me
Solidarity and that’s on god

I wanna thank you for helping me reach the understanding
That time is relative and the truth is everlasting
I wanna thank you for helping me reach the understanding
That time is relative cuz the truth is everlasting


from No Fear Of Time, released June 20, 2023
0. o.G. (yasiin bey, Talib Kweli Greene, Otis Jackson, Jr., Francis Stark. Gregory Isaacs) Produced by Madlib. Additional vocals by Jairo Valentino. Recorded and mixed by Federico "c sik'' Lopez. Umbumnandi Chicken Music, LLC (BMI) administered by Supreme Songs Limited, Pen Skills Music (BMI) Songs of Windswept Pacific (BMI) all rights administered by BMG Rights Management (US) LLC, Loop Digga Publishing (BMI) administered by Sony/ATV Songs LLC, Lilly Raye Music (STIM), Tafari Music, Inc. (ASCAP) c/o BMG Gold Songs (ASCAP). Contains excerpts from “No Easy Game” written by Francis Stark and published by Lilly Raye Music (STIM) Used by permission. All rights reserved. Contains excerpts from “The Ruler'' written by Gregory Isaacs and published by Tafari Music, Inc. (ASCAP) c/o BMG Gold Songs (ASCAP) Used by permission. All rights reserved. “o.G.'' contains excerpts from “No Easy Game” performed by PJ courtesy of Lilly Raye Music used by permission. “o.G.'' contains excerpts from “The Ruler” performed by Gregory Isaacs courtesy of VP Records used by permission.


all rights reserved



Black Star Brooklyn, New York

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