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No fear of time w Yummy Bingham

from No Fear Of Time by Black Star



They're afraid his children will be like him, and if he's giving the white world hell, what will his children do? This wasn't no play thing. The motive is that the seed of a man chosen by God must not be wasted.

Runaway, that’s the plan live above the grave
None is safe, I see the pain on a mothers face
A ton of grace is what she showed as they took away
her first born, she didn’t break she didn’t look away
Because of race, they said her life wasn’t valuable
But that was fake they said her womb create capital
But that was rape, they say because she black that it’s impossible
To be racist but they assume that racism is logical
we know better we know meadows no rose petals
Hiding in the shadows like Wesley Snipes in Mo Betta
They play oppression olympics looking for gold medals
we don’t settle

You know a long time ago being crazy meant something, nowadays everybody's crazy

On... Keep On, Float On, No Fear Of Time
Float On... Float

Ladies and gentlemen, know what I'm saying?

A message from the ancient future, a fresh fossil
A piece of the buried gospel that the earth refused to swallow
A seed grown to a tall tree, long sleeves
Bright fruit leaning off the leaves, warm breeze
Live from the summit of the incline
And this is been everything beside a short ride
Marks of greatness, battle scars and bruises
Sceneries of clarity, classes of confusion
Live from the summit of the incline
And this has been everything besides a short climb
We done survived and thrived in what others have died in
Bed Stuy do or die, so do as what I did
Get it on git'r done, another one another one
Banging Madlibber drum, you could feel the difference
Where they get their rhythm from the tipping point T-O-P Black Star reconvene the boulevard or Van Green (?)
The Kings County keep creating kings, who make amazing and creative things
So give thanks for the elegant raw the elemental is sharp
God gave us the design and we assembled the Ark and just float

Nowadays everybody's crazy

On, Keep On, Float, On... no fear of time
Float On... Float, it was water then, but it's fire next, that's a promise not a threat

Everybody had to think about what was possible for a Black artist, you know, within the international, the mainstream scene, and uh, I mean that opening was there because of hiphop

I wanna thank you for helping me reach the understanding

Doors cracked open a little bit, the people downtown we're looking for some new energy and they were already feeling it from just the presence of kids from Brooklyn

I wanna thank you for helping me reach the understanding, yea

Being downtown, being in the East Village, the had the same kind of impact that the jazz cats had

I wanna thank you for helping me reach the understanding

And they were coming with a new culture, a culture that was new, that was dynamic, that was sophisticated

I wanna thank you for helping me reach the understanding, yea

The albums were theory books, they're guide books too

I wanna thank you for helping me reach the understanding

When they were fourteen, fifteen, they grabbed onto this thing, so they learned all that material

I wanna thank you for helping me reach the understanding, yea

You know, I mean one of them things we know about MCs is man they just have phenomenal memories


from No Fear Of Time, released June 20, 2023
8. No fear of time w Yummy Bingham (yasiin bey, Talib Kweli Greene, Otis Jackson, Jr.) Produced by Madlib. Additional vocals by Yummy Bingham. Cello composed and performed by Isaiah Gage. Recorded and mixed by Federico "c sik'' Lopez. Umbumnandi Chicken Music, LLC (BMI) administered by Supreme Songs Limited, Pen Skills Music (BMI) Songs of Windswept Pacific (BMI) all rights administered by BMG Rights Management (US) LLC, Loop Digga Publishing (BMI) administered by Sony/ATV Songs LLC. Greg Tate sample from an interview on the podcast Toure Show hosted by Toure.


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Black Star Brooklyn, New York

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